Complete providing of psychological practice

March 29, 2020

History ofImaton Professional Psychological Toolkit Limited

Imaton Professional Psychological Toolkit Limited was created in1990onthe basis ofthe Main state center ofUnity ofmeasurements (Gosstandart ofthe USSR) with aview tomethodical maintenance ofpractical psychology ofthe country.

Today Imaton Ltd isthe indisputable leader inthe field ofmanufacture ofprofessional psychological toolkit inRussia.

Production ofImaton finds widespread application inall spheres where psychologists work: ineducation and public health services, business and politics, power structures, public authorities, professional sports, etc.

Concerning both scientific-methodical content and technological performance, toolkit Imaton isthe standard ofquality and consequently isactively used atpreparation ofpsychologists inhigher educational institutions ofRussia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Russian-speaking countries.

Development and adaptation ofproduction Imaton iscarried out byexperts ofthe leading research centers ofRussia. Stimulus material ischecked onthe special metrological equipment.

The Imaton production ismanufactured using the advanced technologies. Production facilities ofstate enterprise Imaton guarantee operative performance oforders ofany volumes.

Quality oftoolkit Imaton isproved with the special certificate. The certificate guarantees the right ofaclient ongetting ofmethodical support during all warranty period!

Basic mission ofstate enterprise Imaton:

Creation ofthe national quality standards ofprofessional toolkit, formation ofpsychological practice culture inRussia.

Imaton. Complete providing of psychological practice
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